Vikindu Mission, Dar-Es-Salaam

This is the first Vincentian house owned and established by the Vincentian Congregation in Africa. Thus it is the mother house of the African mission. In 1996 Fr. Bil received this plot as a donation from a retreat participant with the intention of beginning a spiritual centre. A week before his death (March 2008) he blessed a foundation stone for this purpose. Nine years later the first residential retreat was conducted in a rented hostel in the neighbourhood. At present there is a parish with 9 outstations as well as the Vincentian novitiate house for the African seminarians.

Update May 2018

The Mission has been growing as more people move to this area. The residential retreats are held in the hostel of the Vincentian sisters four times a year.
There are currently three novices in the novitiate in Vikindu. James and Kevin come from Kenya, and Ventino is from Uganda. Their devotion and zeal are remarkable. May our good Lord keep them in His heart makes them holy priests!
The church in the Vianzi outstation is not ready yet but people gather there every Sunday for prayers and praises. In another outstation (Malera) the masses are celebrated once a month.