Vincentian Retreat Centre Nsangi, Kampala

Due to the difficulty of conducting residential retreats in the Entebbe Centre, the Vincentians looked for a bigger place near the capital city to have residential retreats. A plot of 5 acres was found in Nsangi 13 kms away from Kampala. In 2014, a retreat hall was established. First Friday conventions and counselling have been provided regularly since then by the priests staying in the Entebbe centre. A few non-residential retreats were attended by many people. In March 2017 a priest house was blessed and a priest has always been available there since then. The Vincentians also plan to build the necessary facilities to hold residential retreats.

Update May 2018

The Nsangi centre offers non-residential retreats and all-day-long services on the first Friday of the month and on the second Saturday of the month. Its annual program is to be seen here. The wonderful programs offered here and the beautiful location on the slope of a hill make people more and more aware of this retreat centre.

The compound of this centre is still under construction and a house for retreat participants has been built here - its first floor is meant for religious people staying in single rooms, the second floor will accommodate families or people staying in rooms with just a few beds and there will be a dormitory on the third floor with one hall for women and another hall for men.

Two priests are going to reside in the Nsangi retreat centre from August 1, 2018 onwards and they can extend the current programs available.