Vincentian Prayer House, Lavington

This place was opened in 2003 and it is a house of prayer. It is open to the public six days a week except for Sundays when people are supposed to be in their parish churches. There is perpetual adoration there as well as the opportunity for counselling and confession. Every evening one hour of preaching the Word of God is held, and a holy mass too. Every Saturday a full day´s program (prayes, talks, penitential service, confessions and counselling, adoration, holy mass) is conducted open to everybody. On average 2,5 thousands people participate. They are provided with a light lunch for free. In the last week of the month a four-day non-residential retreat is held attended by around one thousand people.

Capacity of this center is limited and God answered the prayers of His people and made construction of a new church/center possible, where up to 3 thousand people fit.

Ceremonial Opening of the Construction

On 30 May 2022, the construction of the new community centre was inaugurated.

Model of the New Centre

Construction of the New Centre

Videos of the construction.

Construction of the Centre - Photos

On the Eve of Blessing Ceremony

Blessing of the New Centre on May 20, 2023

Older Photos (until May 2018)

The capacity of this prayer house has been fully used for the weekday services, retreats and Saturday services.