The Weruweru Vincentian Mission

The Weruweru is a beautiful river flowing from the world famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The pastoral care of around 700 Christian families living at the bank of this river was entrusted to the Vincentian Congregation in 2015. There are two missionary stations - namely Weruweru and Chekereni that together function as a quasi-parish under the diocese of Moshi, which falls in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Soon it will become a parish. With this mission the Vincentians have resumed popular mission retreats in Tanzania as a very effective means of evangelization in this region. They wish to establish a popular mission centre in Moshi to continue this parish and family renewal ministry.

Update May 2018

The interior of the church was repaired, especially the Altar was improved and the church was paved. The next step would be the reconstruction of the sacristy. The station only got electricity a few months ago. The surroundings of the station are nice because of the river, rice farms and coconut palms. There are small Christian communities nearby and the Vincentian fathers celebrate a mass in their communities on the feast day of their patron saints. A new church will be built in Chekereni.

The Vincentians acquired a plot of four acres near Moshi town, which will become a centre for the popular missions. With God´s help, a stage and an intercessory chapel will be built there this year.