Katubuka Parish, Kigoma

This is the first place where Fr. Bill began his missionary work in Africa in 1992. In 1993 construction of a big church started where 1,800 people fit and in 2000 it was consecrated. There is also an adoration chapel. The parish contains more than 11,000 people including 5 substations. The parish community is currently building a high school.

Update May 2018

Kigoma is located on the shore of the beautiful second deepest lake of the world, Lake Tanganyika.
In January the first two classes of a high school were opened, there are 87 students. The school is an undertaking of a parish community. It will be further extended by the help of God. After each morning mass in the parish church (starting at 6.30 a.m.) the Eucharist is brought to the adoration chapel, which is open to people until the evening.