Vincentian Prayer House, Buoye, Kisumu

The Vincentians were invited to this Western Region of Kenya by His Grace Zacheus Okoth, the bishop of Kisumu who provided them with a land and existing buildings. The inauguration of the new Vincentian Prayer House at Buoye, Kisumu was held on May 28, 2015. At present the Vincentians have started daily evening programmes with Holy Mass, Confession and Adoration starting at 4pm. One day programme is scheduled for every Saturday of the month. The first retreat was conducted on March 14 - 17, 2016 attended by more than 1,000 faithful. The plan to make a prayer hall is underway.

At the beginning of 2017 a Marian grotto was built by an Indian artist and it was blessed in February 2017. By the grace of the Lord and support of the local people the priests were able to put a fencing wall around the compound and they also established a rainwater collection system. 

Update May 2018

Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya and it is located by Lake Victoria. The Prayer House in Buoye near Kisumu has been improved, the hall has been repaired and paved, the facilities rebuilt. This place is a blessing for the local people and it has a bright future. You can see the 2018 program of this House here.